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Extra Heavy Duty: With the use of high strength alloy steel and precise heat treatment, the torque wrenches are built to last.

Sturdy Storage: Supplied with an aesthetically pleasing rugged blow moulded case(Up to TM 750/750R) and with a sturdy steel case(above TM 750/R) for extra care and protection for your valuable tool.

Accuracy: With a torque tolerance of ±3%, the accuracy exceeds any national or international torque standard including ISO 6789: 2017.

Three phase mechanism: Sight, Touch and sound signal unmistakably lets the user know that the torque has been achieved even in a noisy environment.

Comfort: The synthetic double moulded handle is manufactured by specially selected resin (Up to TM 250/ TM 250R) which provides comfort and durability and resists chemicals in automotive and industrial usage. The new Ergonomic shape and higher proportion of soft feel high grip material make it a lot more comfortable.

Bi-Directional torque: Torque can be applied in both right handed and left handed threaded nuts and bolts.

Torque Wrench

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